Jean-Gabriel Périot

About the artist

Babysitter, barman, clothes and handicrafts salesman, videotape programme clerk, assistant director, editor, mime, auction sales assistant, journalist, dance filmmaker, artist… Born in France in 1974, Jean-Gabriel Périot directed several short movies, both in video and cinema. He developed his own editing style using archive material. Between documentary, animation, and experimental, most of his work deals with violence and history. His most recent works, including “Dies Irae,” “Even if she had been a criminal…,” and “Nijuman no borei” have been shown worldwide at numerous festivals and were awarded many prizes.

The day has conquered the night (2013)
The Devil (2012)
Our days, absolutely, have to be enlightened (2012)
The Barbarians (2010)
The delicate art of the bludgeon (2009)
Nijuman no borei – 200000 phantoms (2007)
Even if she had been a criminal… (2006)
Dies Irae (2005)
Loving Flirts (1999)


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