Eagle's Song | Pieśń Bielika

Running time: 2022 | 25' | POL

The film is a 25-minute poetic impression to the music of Paweł Kornicz, a composer from Szczecin. The motto is to search for the wild nature of the white-tailed eagle in human. It is a kind of reversal of the traditional concept of perceiving this bird as a symbol in which we see “human” qualities, such as bravery, courage, loyalty and authority. The authors of the film, and above all – the actors, discover the animal predator, wildness, instinct, as well as sexual drive and sexuality in a man with the song of a white-tailed eagle. The most important artistic expression in this film is the dance. There are about 50 actors in the film. In the natural setting we will see, among others, members of the Gamelan Percussion Orchestra and many choristers.



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