Cinematherapy - Tomasz Raczek & Armen Mekhakyan

Szczecin Film Festival 2022: 22.10.2022, Saturday, 10:00
Akademia Sztuki, pl. Orła Białego 2 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: The Boundaries of Cinema

In 2015, the film critic and Youtuber Tomasz Raczek, together with psychologist and therapist Armen Mekhakyan, met in one of the radio broadcasts, starting a series, which they called radio cinema therapy. They met regularly with the audience and discussed a particular film through the prism of their own selves. This is how cinema therapy sessions were born, during which people talk about difficult matters, their own feelings, while maintaining a sense of security and complete anonymity. This time the excuse for an expert-moderated conversation will be the film “Vortex” (2021) directed by Gaspar Noé, dealing with the topic of loneliness, being lost and not accepting old age.


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