The Limits of Cinema

By definition, this block is supposed to defy the definitions and meanings of film based on recording reality. It is supposed to slightly provoke, but first and foremost encourage reflection. We have established our goal: to show that a film describing the existing world is something more than a director, a camera, and reality. The presented films deconstruct prevailing notions entrenched in tradition and convention. They document, but boldly, creatively, and innovatively. The authors re-pose questions about meaning and form. In an avant-garde fashion, they construct images and mix styles by using tools that are increasingly available nowadays. They tell real stories in a unique language, a language appropriate for the extraordinariness of the events and feelings depicted – each production in its own way.
Is this still documentary film? And where are its limits? We will attempt to answer these and many other questions during the screenings of our selected productions.

Past events

Filmy poprzednich edycji

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