videoART instalacja

dokumentART 2012: 15.11.2012, Czwartek, 18:00
Lulu Club, Partyzantów 2 (Gdzie to jest?)
Blok tematyczny: videoART

This year's edition of the video-art presentation taking place as a part of the European Film Festival for Documentaries dokumentART comprises of a broad spectrum of international video art, including experimental films, micro-shorts, quasi-documentary films, animations. It is represented by 25 artists from 12 countries around the world, including England, Germany, Romania, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Poland.

The world of global digital art is developing very dynamically. New media create a new quality in its own right. Easily available, omnipresent, it explores all aspects of our lives, from the not-yet-fully-defined world of perception to motifs of a universal nature. Many artists lead the viewer through the world of intricate structures of vision and sound, complicated interpersonal relations, up to social, political, and cultural aspects of global dimensions, deconstructing the surrounding reality and often surpassing the limits of our imaginations with their visions.

The language of video-art no longer comprises only of interactive installations, monitoring, music visualisations, sound sculptures, video poetry, computer graphics, but also the Internet with its possibilities of building social structures. The boundary that has until recently been marking out a clear artist-recipient relation is shifting. By its universality, modern video art contributes to democratising the modern world of audio-visual culture.

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