God’s Lake / Niebiańskie Jezioro

Running time: 17'

POL 2011, 17’

Contemplative pictures of a lake and everyday activities, Orthodox rituals and songs, transmissions and news from the Euro 2012 – the world of a Ukrainian family living 550 km from Kiev in Volyn Polissya, near the Polish border, filmed a few months ago. The lake: Ukrainian Svitiaz (not to be confused with the Belorussian Svityaz, portrayed in Adam Mickiewicz's poem “Świtezianka”) is the centre of their lives, both earthly and heavenly – as the mother of the family says. And indeed, we are looking at it as if at a perfect universe taken from the descriptions of a mythical world. And Michel Platini is on his way to the airport to meet the authorities...




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