Five Fragments of the Extinct Empathy / Pięć fragmentów wymarłej empatii

Running time: 7'

FIN 2011, 7’

A fair-haired girl with an idyllic plain and a folk-song in the background. The girl turns to the camera: a pretty face, a big bruise around the eye. The 1950s, Finland: a woman brutally murdered, a crowd of people at the funeral; another crime: two girls buried in a shallow grave... The creators of the film have gathered drastic examples of crimes and violence against women throughout the years, from the 1950s until present times. With the 1990s, the law and social rules changed in regard to domestic violence: marital rape is qualified as a crime. The pro women’s lobby is trying to surmount the glorification of home and family in all its manifestations: good, bad, criminal. A fair-haired girl, a modern city, an idyllic folk-song...




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