The High Price of Gold / Wysoka cena złota

Running time: 15'

GBR 2012, 15’

A documentary brings us face to face with women from the province Orientale in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If we stay, we have to listen: to how many times, for how long, and how the women and their small daughters have been raped; what they go through afterwards at the hands of their husbands, the community; to stories of murdered husbands, gold, and justice. Their men speak last. In Congo the situation has been unstable for years. The rebels (offenders against the village farmers), supported by neighbouring countries, get rich from the illegal mining of natural resources, mainly coltan – which is used in electronics, weaponry and space travel (the UN forbade its excavation because of the civil war) – and the proverbial gold. In some eastern regions people live on 18 cents a day.




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