The Argentinian Lesson / Argentyńska lekcja

Running time: 56'
Wojciech Staroń, POL 2011, 56’

The wife of the film's author becomes a Polish language teacher in Azara, Argentina. The whole family – the married couple and two children – goes to South America. Azara is a modest town where it always rains. The Starońs’ eight-year-old son, Jasiek, becomes friends with Marcia Majcher, the daughter of a descendant of Polish emigrants. Marcia is mature beyond her age: her father, for financial reasons, lives on a plantation far from the family home, her mother has emotional problems. The girl tries different occupations: she tries to start a shop, works at brick production. Jasiek accompanies and helps her, for him she is a guide to the strange world of another country and another continent. His mom's contract is about to end.



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