Nocturne #2 | Nokturn #2

Running time: 12'
Pieter Geenen, BEL 2012, 12’

A static shot of an alley in Tehran. Minimal changes in brightness. A view of an empty street, at the end of which we can barely make out figures moving. The traffic lights are flashing and the absence of life becomes overwhelming. A four-lane street: luminous, full of light points: blocks of flats. The centre, apogee of the light is Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower), around which the events from the most recent history of Iran concentrated: the Iranian Revolution 1979, nationalist and patriotic demonstrations during the war with Iraq, protest following the 2009 presidential elections. The film was made with a mobile phone camera in Spring 2011. During the Arab Spring the regimes defended themselves against the protesters by cutting them off from telephone and Internet connections.



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