Tonia and Her Children / Tonia i jej dzieci

Running time: 57'

Wera and Marcel’s mother came as a Jewish communist to Palestine. From there she was deported to France. Her husband Sioma fought in Spain, was interned in France, handed over to the Gestapo and murdered in Auschwitz. In 1941 Tonia voluntarily registered as a Jew in France, but was arrested there in 1945 as an illegal immigrant. With her children she returned to Poland, where in 1949 she was again arrested. For five years she suffered humiliation and torture, and then, despite having been released as innocent, continues to insist that she was an accomplice of Noel Fields. She remains a communist until the end of her life in Israel. Wera and Marcel hum a left-wing children’s song that has stuck in their memory.



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