Bielutine - In the Garden of Time / Bielutin w ogrodach czasu

Running time: 36'

RUS 2011, 36’

In semi-darkness Ely and Nina keep watch over a precious collection. Innumerable works of art, the cr`eme de la cr`eme of past centuries, adorn the walls of their Moscow apartment. Grandfather bought them, the family has preserved the collection throughout the decades and added to it, whilst renaming during the Revolution or the transcription into Russian changed the family name from Bellucci to Bielutin. Ely was once a painter and was ostracised for formalism. Nina was an art historian who says she has written a hundred books. Vodka flows freely, toy figures appear haunted, poltergeists approach, Nina’s Master Raven speaks and for Ely everything is a comedy. Art can be neither owned nor copied.




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