Festival of musical thrills: Chemia in concert, support: Namy

18.10.2013, Friday, 21:00
Free Blues Club, (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny:

Chemia is a Warsaw-based rock band founded in 2010 by Wojech Balczun. The sextet's music is inspired by classic rock, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, as well as grunge. Chemia has released the following albums: “Dobra Chemia” (2010), “O2” (2011), “In the Eye” (2012), and “The One Inside” (2013). The band's ambition is to write the best song in the world.
Namy is a four-piece modern rock band from Szczecin. Their debut EP was released in 2012. They won first place at the Floating Trippin' Festival 2013 and second place at Made in Szczecin 2013.

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