18.10.2013, Friday, 11:00
the National Museum, ul. Wały Chrobrego 3 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: History-Politics-Film

Cinema often touches upon political and historical topics, perhaps due to the fact they concern us all and one cannot ignore them. Our festival's leitmotif – the crossing of boundaries – is a good starting point for films that tackle such issues.
The twenty-second dokumentART festival is a little different than the previous ones. The changes – already apparent in this year's program – have arisen from the passing of time and our growing experience. These transformations are natural. This is one of the reasons why have decided to show the cheerful “Oma & Bella” by Alexa Karolinski. The author created a humorous and charming portrait of her grandmother and her grandmother's best friend; we get to watch their everyday rituals, know their world views and life stories, as well as their culinary secrets. It's not just a simple little story, because both ladies are Jewish Holocaust survivors. The picture will put a smile on many viewers' faces and is an excellent example of documenting historical and political issues with a pinch of salt.
Everyone has their views, reasons, and a perception of the world around them. The primary mission of documentary film is to shed some light on that personal element for others to see.


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