Pomerania Film: screening of "Bilet na księżyc" ("Ticket to the Moon") by Jacek Bromski

16.10.2013, Wednesday, 18:00
Kino Helios, (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: Pomerania Film

One of the important elements of the dokumentART festival is presenting the work of authors and film circles associated with the West Pomerania region. This year's program features not only two blocks dedicated to this topic – The Faces of Westpomeranian Cinema and Westpomeranian Shorts – but also a presentation of the work of the Westpomeranian Film Fund (ZFF) Pomerania Film. The fund was founded in 2009 and its goal is film education, the development of the film industry and work in the region, co-production through co-financing and organisational supporting of film productions, but also the cultural, tourist, and economic promotion of West Pomerania. Until now, the ZFF managed to financially support almost 40 films. One the fund's latest projects is the screening of Jacek Bromski's “Bilet na księżyc” (“Ticket To The Moon”) as an accompanying event of the 22nd dokumentART festival. Prior to the screening, which will be attended by the director and cast, the band Big Fat Mama will perform. The screening will be followed by a press conference with the filmmakers, which everyone is welcome to join.


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