09.10.2013, Wednesday, 18:00
Radio Szczecin, Aleja Wojska Polskiego 73 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: radioART

The idea for the radioART block arose from the professional interests of its curator. Małgorzata Frymus is a radio journalist, familiar with Polish Radio Szczecin's fascinating archive, where a multitude of reportages and radio documentaries can be found. When showing documentary films, this intriguing world recorded in sound is well worth presenting as well. Until now, radioART used to be presented thematically. This time we will get familiarised the extraordinary work of Włodzimierz Kaczmarek, Polish Radio Szczecin employee of many years. His film work will be shown as part of the Faces of Westpomeranian Cinema block.

Selected programs are available till end of festival on Radio Szczecin website,1750,radioart-2013-wlodzimierz-kaczmarek-obserwator-z   
Observer of Life
The first teachers
Date of broadcast: September 2nd 1965
A recollection of the first teachers of post-war Szczecin – Janina Szczerska and Bruno Taydelt. A heart-warming story about tough beginnings.
The lucky star inn
Date of broadcast: November 24th 1967
What troubles the “Oder Youth Club” members – problematic teenagers with a criminal past.
Teenagers and the sea - “B.M. 49”
Date of broadcast: November 30th 1968
A visit on a motor barge. Sailors talk about their work in inland navigation.
Diamond crystals
Date of broadcast: January 24th 1969
A story of the North and South Poles, and Włodzimierz Dobrowolski, Polish Antarctic researcher.
A reportage from the past
Date of broadcast: 1990
Voices of the December 1970 victims and the doctors who helped the wounded.
Turzyn before dawn
Date of broadcast: 1980
Supply problems during the crisis of November 1980as seen by urban marketplace vendors.
Untitled reportage
Date of broadcast: March 19th 1972
The dramatic situation of seven children and their irresponsible parents in the village of Gostyniec near Świerzno.
The sensibility of a non-professional
Date of broadcast: 1978
Amateur poetry written by a hamlet-dweller near Miłowo.
Among our folks
Date of broadcast: November 2nd 1978
The life of elderly people who were persuaded by their children to live in the city.

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