dokumentART 2012: 15.11.2012, Thursday, 09:00
Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Krakowska 71-79 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: History-Politics-Film

Documentary film often reaches for historical-political themes, and is a valuable educational tool in these fields. At dokumentART festival, which takes place in Polish-German borderland, and whose main part is a competition of European film documentaries, issues connected with the close and the far past of Europe emerge at many points of the festival program. The History-Politics-Film bloc, featuring films and panel discussions, often touched upon important historical issues, most importantly those connected with the most recent history of Poland and Germany, including shared issues, also the most difficult ones. This year's edition presents the bright side of the history of the People's Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany, which is paradoxically not well publicised. In the times of economic crisis in the already collapsing real socialism, many citizens of the FRG took part in a spontaneous action of humanitarian aid for Poland. The documentary film “Paczki solidarności” (“Packs of Solidarity”), financed by the Polish-German Foundation for Cooperation, tells this incredible story which resulted in changing the official politics of one country towards another.


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