videoART: Ugly Casting 1.9.

17.10.2013, Thursday, 16:00
Zona Sztuki Aktualnej, (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: videoART

An exhibition of the “Ugly Casting 1.9” video installation, in which Gabriele Leidloff has connected art with advanced medical technologies for image processing; she utilises video, photography, X-rays, ultrasonography, computed tomopgraphy, magnetoencephalography, and eye-tracking.


Gabriele Leidloff, "Ugly Casting 1.2." 2000
4-channel-digital-video, 2-channel-sound installation, 5'
Gabriele Leidloff, "In Pursuit" 2004
1-channel-digital-video installation, 17' 17"
Gabriele Leidloff, "Face or Object" 2005
1-channel-digital-video installation, 4' 55"

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