Top League

For several years now, the Szczecin festival has featured a series of screenings and discussions entitled Ekstraklasa (Top League), which showcases the greatest works of world cinema, especially by artists who have left their mark on the art of film. A few years ago, it presented lesser-known work by Werner Herzog: his short and documentary films. In 2010 the Top League showed a wide selection of controversial works by Leni Riefenstahl, accompanied by a discussion with the participation of Adam Krzemiński, a Germanist and columnist of the weekly Polityka.  In 2011 Top League was the chief exponent of surrealist cinema – Luis Buñuel. In addition to famous films from different periods of his career, such as Un Chien andalou and Belle de jour, the survey offered an opportunity to see two unique documentaries:  Las Hurdes / Land Without Bread (1933) and  España 1936 (1937).  The focus of last year’s Top League presented the life work of a prominent Italian director – Michelangelo Antonioni.


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