European Competition

Since 2006, international documentary filmmakers have been meeting with audiences in Neubrandenburg and Szczecin for screenings and discussions. The European competition of the dokumentART festival, whose tradition in Germany dates back to 1991, has been co-organised by the OFFicyna Association and Latücht – Film & Medien Association for eight years. It serves as a forum for discussing the contemporary art of documentary film.
This year almost 50 productions were chosen by the German-Polish selection committee from more than 400 submissions. The tension between tradition and avant-garde, formal and thematic searches, the crossing of genres and changing film habits: these are the determinants of dokumentART. Thanks to the committee members' multicultural backgrounds and dialogue, the viewers can enjoy a deep insight into current short documentary cinema, its artistic and social commitment, and its commitment to the protagonist.
The competition features pictures that were produced in Europe between 2012 and 2013 and come from 21 countries (some of them were co-produced outside Europe). We are happy to be able to show a broad representation of Polish and German productions. The range of topics in this year's competition is wide, with a strong focus on political issues such as the consumer society, the Mideast conflict and racism, but also private matters We will see in just a few minutes of motion picture how film can be saturated with content and emotions. After the screenings, filmmakers and audiences will have a chance to share and discuss their thoughts during the Q&A sessions and at the festival get-togethers.

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