Paula Onet

About the artist

Paula Onet is a freelance filmmaker from Romania, passionate about documentary film and new media. She has graduated the “Cinematography, Photography and Media" department of “Theatre and Television” Faculty and now she’s a MA student. She has gained a multicultural academic background by having a double scholarship experience, in South Korea and Turkey. Moreover, she was selected to participate in many highly-improving experiences as part of the Documentary Training Program Aristoteles and Storydoc. Currently she works as a visual artist for 4Culture Association in Bucharest and develops individual documentary projects. 
Connection Lost (2012)
The Japanese Quince Tree (2011)
WAVES (2011)
How old are you, Korea(n) (2010)
GLASs (2010)
Milk and Tulips (2009) 
LA LA LA (2009)


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