Lenka Zogatova

About the artist

Born 1956. Graduated in theatre studies. She has been engaged in alternative culture since 1980 as manager of underground music bands, actress of Ochotnický kroužek theatre, and as a worker in various cultural institutions, e.g. Czech Centre in Bratislava. She performed in HaDivadlo and the National Theatre in Brno. For three years she worked as a dramatic adviser of Czech delegation and accompanying programme at the international theatre festival ”Bez hranic” in Český Těšín. She is co-author of the script for the cultural documentary “Myslím, tedy slam” (Czech Television 2009). Since 2006 she has been head organizer of activities of the Czech slam poetry environment, also in the international context. In cooperation with Czech Television, she produced in 2011 the documentary “Hranice po našimu”, from director Jan Gogola ml. She currently works in civic association Fléda. She produced documentaries “Hello partners” (2011) and “Background” (2012) from director David Butula. 

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