Ivan Garcia

About the artist

Ivan Garcia was born in Girona in 1978, he grew up in Palafrugell and now lives in Barcelona. He is a librarian and archivist and he studied film directing and editing at the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC) in Barcelona. His short documentary film “Ribot” received grants from the Ministry of Culture of Spain and from the Department of Culture of the Catalonian Regional Government . “Ribot” was selected in various international festivals such as Kiev, Bogotá, Dhaka and Docúpolis Barcelona. His first full-length documentary film “Warm Human Blood” won the First Jury Award of the documentary festival Documenta Madrid in 2008, and the film was selected in other international documentary film festivals (Memorimage Reus, Jihlava, Docúpolis Barcelona, Docúpolis Chile, Lublin etc.).

La sangre tibia del hombre (2007)
Ribot (2000)
Sa Birba (2000)
Rythmus I (1998)


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