Branko Vilus

About the artist

Branko Vilus – cinematographer, film editor and activist in the field of environment protection. He has for years been an activist with the association Zelena akcija (Green Action) and is the founder of “Green Action” video production. He has made over 200 reports (FadeIn/HTV-Croatian national television) and films. He is the co-founder of the association “Prozo” for the promotion of environment protection. Vilus is also the initiator of the Sisak Eco Film Festival. Formal education: School of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Set Design, Zagreb; finished in 1992; Faculty of Teacher Education, Department of Preschool Education Studies; graduated in 1998. 
Sol, maslina, kamen (2013)
Predsjednicki vlak (2009)
Waterstories (2006)
Blackberry (2008)


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