The unknown face of Martin Scorsese cinema begins today at Multikino Galaxy

Each year, as part of the Top League block, we present the work of one renown director. This year, during three events at Multikino Galaxy, dokumentART will be presenting the selected works of the acclaimed and unique Martin Scorsese, awarded an Oscar for "The Departed" in 2006 and a Palme d'Or for "Taxi Driver" (with the great Robert De Niro in the leading role) and "After Hours," award-winner of the BAFTA award twice as well as multiple Golden Globe award-winner. 

Among today's presentation there will be two films: the documentary "Italianamerican" and a rare, 18-minute version of the music video for Michael Jackson's "Bad." Attenting the retrospective will be Nils Warnecke.

15.10.2013, 21:00, Multikino Galaxy
17.10.2013, 20:30, Multikino Galaxy
22.10.2013, 18:00, Multikino Galaxy

The screenings will be held at the Multikino Galaxy in Szczecin.

added:: 2013-10-15
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