Review of Jacek Bromski films and a screening of his latest work


Another guest of this year's dokumentART is Jacek Bromski - known director, producer, and chairman of the Polish Filmmakers Association. On October 10th-13th, Kino Zamek will be holding a review of our guest's work, co-organised by the Pomerania Film Westpomeranian Film Fund. Eight films will be screened from Thursday till Sunday, including the multi-award-winning "Zabij mnie, glino" with Bogusław Linda and Piotr Machalica.

What is more, an interesting event of the 22nd dokumentART - combined with a visit from Jacek Bromski himself - will be the screening of his latest film, "Bilet na księżyc." The screening will be held on October 16th at Kino Helios (the event is co-organised by Pomerania Film as well).


added:: 2013-10-04
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