The music stars of the 22nd dokumentART

This year's edition of dokumentART is first and foremost a celebration of film thrills. It is therefore natural that most of the festival program is taken up by over 140 hours of screenings and discussions. However, cinema experiences stem not only from picture, but music as well. That is why this year we have decided to emphasize music even more than in previous years. With the Imperium club we invite not only film enthusiasts to see the performances of several unique acts:

Lipali (16.10) - one of the most popular bands of the last several years, Tomasz Lipcnicki's original project. Each single from their 2012 album "3850," released after a 3-year pause, has been successfull on rock charts. A show that should not be missed, and definitely one not just for the fans of hard and heavy sounds.

Skubas (22.10) - a 2013 Fryderyk award nominee. A singer-songwriter who combines dirty guitar riffs with melancholic vocals in his original works. He writes nostalgic, melodic songs. His live performances rely heavily on atmosphere and a feeling of space.

Ukeje (19.10) - winner of the first edition of "Voice of Poland," known for its extraordinarily high level of artistic quality. Ukeje's debut album was released earlier this year. The single "Bezkrólewie" is a true fusion of rebellion and rock fury.

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added:: 2013-09-11
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