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dokumentART is a European Film Festival for Documentaries, with a tradition that spans over 20 years. Within the last seven years its form has changed into international. The festival has two directors (one from Poland and one from Germany). Competition films are selected by a Polish-German committee. The organisers are OFFicyna (Poland) and  Latücht Film & Medien (Germany). dokumentART takes place every autumn simultaneously in Poland and Germany. Every year the festival grants around ten awards. Last year's quota amounted to about 10.000 euros.

Each year the festival offers:

  • about 50 programme blocks
  • over 180 films
  • over 140 screening hours
  • over 20 discussoins
  • nearly 70 guests from many countries
  • about 4 thousand participants on the Polish side, and 2 thousand on the German side
  • about a dozen festival venues


The main event of dokumentART is the European contest, where only the most recent films qualify – made in the year preceding the current festival edition. This way, the audience have a cross-sectional view of contemporary documentaries. The programme committee searches mostly for movies that focus on pushing the boundaries of the issues they raise. Traditional documentary movies are also important, as well as the creative tension between tradition and avant-garde.

dokumentART is every year's movie feast that lasts one week: the European contest for documentaries and numerous other events, such as retrospectives, movie premieres, meetings with filmmakers, borderland problems discussions, and Eastern-Western cultural meetings. The festival has been visited by many guests, including the filmmakers Jacek Bławut, Paweł Łoziński, Volker Koepp, Rainer Komers, Jolanta Dylewska, Anna Ferens Michał Dawidowicz, as well as journalists: Adam Krzemiński, Sławomir Sierakowski, Piotr Semka, Jakub Socha.


added:: 2013-04-29
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