telefonART is a competition for films shot with mobile phones, a fun film event for everyone fascinated with the world around us. The world that we create ourselves. A world that is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time, because we are a part of it.

The competition is geared at anyone with a mobile phone (or other handheld device) that allows the to record video, should they want to have a go at filmmaking. The films ought to be based on recording reality ("documentaries") and must not exceed three minutes of running time.

No scenography or actors are needed here. We do not care much for romantic scenery, the light of sunset caught within the frame, or a happy ending. What we do care for is the fact that the present moment happens only once. You cannot repeat it, reenact it. But we can capture that moment. We must only learn to see.

Films can be submitted by anyone, regardless of their age or place of residence. From amongst the submissions the jury will select films that are going to be presented during the 22nd edition of dokumentART. The filmmaker who gets the most acclaim from the audience shall receive the Golden Moby award.

Deliver your films to OFFicyna (either by mail to or personally) by 14.10.2013.

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