No Reason to Leave / Nie ma powodu by stąd odejść

Running time: 18'
Gregory Portnoy, POL 2012, 18’

Snow, monotonous music, trains passing by. A trip? In the scenery of a neighbourhood that could be found in any place in Europe, people go in various directions. An attentive voyeur spies on them, knowing nothing about them (?). They can be your/my neighbours. Behind the curtain: maybe it is you? Everyday beauty, boredom, bustle, anxiety, or maybe a perfectly arranged system, in this case one of a film? Should you ask great questions and build a universe? Should you count the rectangles of balconies? Focus on the patterns: of a carpet, of the curtains, of the structure of snow? Find the right detail? The beginning and the end of the trip, and what is in between.



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