Borders Our Way / Hranice po našimu

Running time: 57'

In a series of episodes presented, and probably provoked, by Jan Gogola, in the dialogues he has with their protagonists, borders “our way” seem like something elusive and – not being too serious – transcendently and transcendentally uncertain. The bridge between the Czech Těšín and the Polish Cieszyn can divide as well as connect. The protagonists of the film's episodes live in Silesia, where the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet. They speak different languages, one of which, perhaps the most important one, is speaking “our way.” A cook and songster, born in 1920, sings in Czech, Polish, Latin, Italian, German, Hungarian... When listening to him, Austria-Hungary comes to mind; a country that no longer existed the year he was born.




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