The March of Time / ZeitGeSchichten

Running time: 40'

With their new album, the band Dubioza Kolektiv hope to drag the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina out of their lethargy. We get to know them when Ado interviews them for the organisation “Friends of Srebrenica”. Ado and his team later visit a place near Srebrenica where dumped barrels of radioactive material are causing sickness and death. Namir, who used to be a lawyer and now works for “Farmers Help Farmers” gives us insight into the lives and histories of the people in and around Srebrenica, where in 1995 the massacre took place, the biggest tragedy of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “What happened, happened. We have to go on living. It’s o.k. ... it’s slow, but it’s getting better”, says one of the people portrayed.


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