The 22nd EFFD dokumentART 2013 awards



The Award of the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship 

American Dreamer 
D: Thomas Haley
FR 2012
This film provides an anthropological look inside the essence of patriotism and
its various mutations. The author communicates his message tactfully, allowing his images and soundscapes and the personality of his main character to tell us everything. The trust he gains with his protagonist deserves special mention. Since the film is about the patriotism of the world's “superpower” - the United States - it has an even stronger impact in portraying this theme. The jury gives the Marshall Award to director Thomas Haley for his film, American Dreamer.



The Latücht-Award of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 

D: Claudiu Mitcu
RO 2013
In this gentle and personal film, the audience is allowed to take its place in an intimate setting, where they have the privilege to witness close-hand both life and death playing out in peaceful harmony, accompanied with love, hope and humour. The result is a subtle, respectful and honest piece of filmmaking that remains with the viewer as a treasured memory long after the final credits. The jury gives the Latücht Award to Claudiu Mitcu for his film, Maria.

The City of Neubrandenburg Award 

Out of Frame / Titloi Telous
D: Yorgos Zois
GR 2012 
The jury gives the City of Neubrandenburg Award to this film for its pure form and ambiguous meaning. Whilst on the surface this is a quiet film, the blank façades of monolithic billboards scream volumes about a country in crisis. We give the award to Yorgos Zois for his artistry in making Out of Frame.

The Award of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation 

The Race / La Course
D: Jean-Michel Rolland 
FR 2013 
Bodies of horses, doing their rounds as an amorphous mass. First soundless,  this mass jumps and floats over the show-jumping course. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere like a thunderstorm the sound sets in and roars and races and bangs the mass across our retina. Jean Michel Rollands „The Race“ is a post modern homage to Muybridges photo sequence of the movement of a galloping horse. Muybridge dissects frame by frame the nature, the energy and the power. The Race brings it all digitally together, is melting the visual layers, is adding the sound and catapults Muybridge’s legendary analogue series forcefully into the era of digital cinema. That impressed us with all its precision, intelligence and artistry.


A great disorder under heaven / Un gran desorden bajo el cielo
D: Ivan Garcia
SP 2013 
This film impressed the jury with its epic scope and inventive artistry. This is a multi-layered piece of work that melds various materials and elements, both fictional and non-fictional, in a precise and profoundly emotional way. The director paints an exquisite portrait of a country and its people in profound moral, philosophical and existential crisis. We would like to give an Honourable Mention to director Ivan Garcia for his film, A Great Disorder Under Heaven. 




The “Findling” award sponsored by the Landesverband Filmkommunikation e.V. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 

2000 m2 mit Garten 
D: Tama Tobias-Macht
DE 2012



The Award of the Student Jury sponsored by the Univeristy of Szczecin 

A matter of fact
D: Roshanak Zangeneh
EG/DE 2013 
The simple and minimal form of "A matter of fact" has a stronger effect on the viewer, making their hearing and imagination more sensitive to the difficult and important aspects of the modern world. It opposes typical motion pictures that we are flooded with everyday through information media.

The Award of the Student Union Greifswald 

D: Pawel Ziemilski 
PL 2012 
A floating camera movement through rooms that seem like a labyrinth. One gets an insight into the life and world of different people. A young generation escapes the sadness of everyday life through different media like music, TV, PC’s and technical toys.  All these media cause an irreconcilable isolation but also lead to a desired parallel world in space and time  that these young people want to escape to. This psychological landscape is enhanced through tunnel like camera movements, numerous reflections and rigid portraits. Without having achieved anything the people in the village are left alone.



The Polish Audience Award of the Polish Television (TVP) 

D: Kristoffer Borgli
NO 2012




The Audience Award of Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Skin Feels / De huid voelt 
D: Daan Bunnik
NL 2012

West Pomerania Shorts 2013

Drawtek 2013
D: Szymon Karpierz

The Golden Moby (telefonART)

Lucky bitch
D: Dominika Sobkowiak, PL 2013

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